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2017-10-12 - Mozambik
Mozambik is in foal from Om El Shazeem for 01/2018

Om El Shazeem
2017-10-12 - Om El Shazeem
breedingfee: 1.500 Euro, only natural breeding.

He is a double ESTOPA grandchild! It s a very rare bloodline in these days and we are so thrilled and happy to have him in our stable.
He is a sweetheart and soooo lovely and easy, with a character to die for… like a dog… so easy in all ways.
He is 1,57 cm high and born in 2010 in Om El Arab International, California. He is a great producer and gives his childs his special charisma, typ, his high legs, his perfect foundation and his wonderful character.
He is very good ridden… and, also there, very easy…

Welcome our pure spanish filly Orelia!
2016-06-21 - Welcome our pure spanish filly Orelia!
Welcome our pure spanish filly Orelia!
She is bred by our friends Jürgen and Susanne Schaufler

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